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Why Choose Us.....


Our Environment

We provide children with exciting materials and engage them in activities that are appropriate for their age to keep them focused and attentive. We develop schedules that meet the needs of young children by avoiding long periods of wait time without activity. Yet, our schedule is flexible enough to follow the children’s interests as well as their cognitive, physical, and biological needs. 


Teacher and Staff 

We work to develop a strong rapport with each child by speaking to children calmly, especially during redirections. We help children put words to their emotions. We use social stories to help teach our students healthy social skills. We strive to serve the individual needs of each child while ensuring the safety of young children. 


Our Families 

We communicate regularly with families to ensure consistency in guidance between home and school. We partner with families to offer support, and guidance and, if necessary, connect them with experts to help give their children the best foundation for academic and life success.

Additional Services 

Parent/Teacher Communication


We use the Brightwheel app to communicate with parents and for billing purposes. 

This app is free for parents.

Watch your child’s day unfold with snapshots delivered to your mobile device with a 

real-time feed of activities throughout the day. Easy digital check-in with 

personal passcodes. 

For more information, visit the link below

CPR Classes/Certification

We provide CPR and First Aid classes for parents, grandparents, and anyone over the age of 9 wanting to learn this life-saving skill. You get a 2-year certification in infant, child, adult CPR, First Aid, and AED. 

CDA Food Program 

We participate in the Food Program and follow the nutritional guidelines recommended by the

USDA CACFP for all foods we serve.

We provide nutritious meals for your child at our facility. We do not serve juice or any sugary foods such as donuts or other pastry foods high in sugar as part of our regular menu.

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